About the Book:

We have a choice to live our lives two ways; either we live it in reaction or intention. The first part of my challenge is for you to “declare your life”. You can do this and it’s a must! Don’t continue walking through life in reaction. Living a life in reaction is exhausting and very unfulfilling. This is where you may over react to the smallest things and in return you have a very poor outlook on life. On the other hand, you can choose to lead a life of fulfillment by living intentionally. This involves deciding what your life will be about and who you’ll be every day. Now we need to start the process of getting results and living a life of intention by declaring your life.

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With the purchase of the book you get full access to my monthly Teleseminar "Map of Intention". This is more than a book its a system. Purchase today and I'll inform you when the teleseminar takes place. You'll be shocked what you're capable of doing in 30 days. In order to be fulfilled in life you'll want to feel you're living your fullest potential. See you on the next teleseminar.