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How important is it to get your freshman started in the right direction? Do you believe your freshman students can reach any level of success desired? Are you interested in trying a different approach to inspire them? How would it feel to have your freshman reach for unreasonable goals at the beginning of their high school career? Do you truly believe this is possible or have you joined the “others” and have decided to sit on the side line.

The primary message to the student is having a high self-esteem for themselves. The presentation will cover; peer group, beliefs, goals, team and being unique. This message supports the school’s main goal for student success. Striving for the highest grades and helping them go to the next level – college.
This is a high energy, enthusiastic and fast paced presentation that fits right into a normal class time of 35-40 minutes.

Would you like the new freshman class to start off with a bang? Would you like the sophomore class to get a reminder how important their high school career means? “Everyone needs motivation and inspiration to achieve their goals”, claims motivational speaker & author Darryl Jarmosco.

Your students will walk away feeling hopeful, happy and excited about being in high school.
As a Monster – Making It Count Speaker, he has spoken to thousands of high school students. He knows how to connect and empower! Get Darryl in your school TODAY!

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