Darryl Jarmosco

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Platinum Coaching

Three (3) One-on-One Coaching sessions (30 minutes phone)

Email access to coach

Coach-on-call (Call the coach when you need a question answered)

Admission Teleseminars (value $1000)
Signed book Map of Intention (value $25)
Procrastination Teleseminar (value $20)
Circle of Excellence (value $9)
Plan Tomorrow TODAY! Time management (value $75)
Experts Interviews (Teleseminars)(Client Only site) (value $300)

Mastermind teleconference sessions - Bring your life to new levels!

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“Amazing transformational experience for me in his coaching practice. His skills are rare and for me he has gotten down to the bottom line so quickly…. All his procedures and forms were very supportive…. I was amazed in two sessions Darryl brought me from overwhelmed and complex to clear and focused on what I wanted to do…"

- Kathy M., Natural Health Care Practitioner, Kauai, Hawaii




“Fantastic brainstormer.. Always comes prepared… Darryl’s always focused and contributing new ideas… Because of the coaching some significant results have happen in my life. Professionally I increased my service revenue by 365% over 2008…. I’m training for a half marathon… I’m more connected with wife and spending more time with her… I’m contributing to local charities… I’ve become a different human being… I’ve written Darryl in my gratitude journal so often…”

- Chris H., Chiwawa, Mexico Manufacturing Sales




All coaching engagements are extremely limited and qualification is required! Please contact with your interest and you'll be contacted to set up a phone consultation -