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Fear Of Public Speaking is America's Greatest Anxiety. Jerry Seinfeld once said that at a funeral, most people would rather be in the casket than giving the eulogy. Learn the psychology of breaking through the fear and making your presentations an asset to your success! This is for the person who begins to panic when they find out they have to give a 5 minute presentation. This program is primarily designed to break through the fear of speaking in front of others. I will coach you on creating a speaker Identity where you’ll be able to stand and deliver anytime…anywhere. How many more opportunities are you going to pass up because of fear and lack of confidence?

Step UP & Speak UP

One-on-One Coaching 10 sessions (30 minutes phone) (value $2000)
Free admission for 12 months of all Teleseminars (value $1000)
Full intake session 1 hour ($400)
Personality Assessment (value $300)
Signed book Map of Intention (value $25)
Procrastination Teleseminar (downloadable) (value $20)
Circle of Excellence (downloadable) (value $9)
Plan Tomorrow TODAY! Time management (value $75)
Experts CD (Teleseminars) (value $300)
Hard Cover Success Journal ($30)

Total Speak UP Value $4,159

Your Investment $2,000
(Pay in Full and get $100 discount plus 2 extra sessions) (5 month payment plan $400)

All coaching engagements are extremely limited and qualification is required! Please contact with your interest and you'll be contacted to set up a phone consultation -